Maths Tuition: One-To-One Or Group Classes?

Maths Tuition: One-To-One Or Group Classes?

Not everyone is able to figure out difficult equations and concepts on their own. Seeking extra help for your maths revision should be as simple as 1-2-3, drawing your talent out under the eye of an awesome tutor who can get those grades to where they should be.

There are two forms maths tutorship can take: one-on-one sessions, or medium-sized groups of 20 or more pupils. If you’re considering maths tuition, and making the effort to brush up your skills, then you may be wondering which is for you? Let’s break them down a bit…

Group tuition

When you take part in a group revision session, you’re side by side with students who are in the same boat as you, those who need a little boost to their maths skills that can’t be achieved in school hours.

Since you’re all in it together, there’s no reason to be shy or embarrassed about answering a question. Actually, you might feed off each other’s ideas, reaching the right response through group work. If you can explain to someone else how you’ve solved a problem, you might find that it makes more sense as you say it; this is one of the best ways to clarify, for yourself, what’s been taught.

At the end of the day, it’s good to know that other people are in your shoes. When practice tests roll around, you can compare what answers you gave – plus, a healthy dose of competition never does much harm!

One-to-one tuition

For a lot of pupils, however, ‘me’ time with a tutor can be very precious indeed. There’s a lot going for revision assistance that focuses on you and no-one else.

For starters, it’s completely separate from what you’re used to at school, which is useful if your attention tends to wander in a big group. The tutor will be right there at your side, sitting with you at a desk or conducting lessons over Skype, so anything you’re unsure about can be dealt with right away.

That leads us onto our second point – however you learn, a tutor will be totally focused on your preferred style. Whether that’s through gentle conversation, working the same ideas over and over on the page, or visual aids like charts and pictures, they can present information in whatever form you like.

It’s practically impossible to be ignored in a one-on-one tutor session. You can be shy, extroverted or purely focused on what’s ahead; there’s no personality that a tutor can’t adapt to, making your satisfaction their only priority.

The path you take…

So, now that you’ve seen the fork in the road, which path do you prefer? Maths Tutor Help does exactly what it sounds like: getting you stuck in to maths revision like never before, with upcoming group classes or online courses that can be done at home.

Our group sessions are kicking off around Greater Manchester this September, so click here to find out more. Alternatively, check out our personal tutor options instead. Both of these decisions are guaranteed to get your cogs spinning!  

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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