Group Maths Classes

Group maths classes are stimulating for many students, offering an interactive learning environment. Problems can be easier to work through together, and our group maths classes, both online and offline, exemplify this approach.

Our qualified maths teachers provide expert assistance and support for groups of up to four students. We offer KS2 and KS3 classes, as well as preparation for 11 and 13+ entrance exams. AS and A-Level revision is also catered for, giving the best grounding for numeracy skills to flourish at any educational stage.

Where does tuition happen?

This is up to you – it can take place online, at home, or even your local library. The final location must be agreed by all members of the group.

Our Tutors

Fully DBS-checked, and brimming with enthusiasm, our tutors will slip seamlessly into your group dynamics. You can find out more by looking at our Tutors page.

What actually happens in each session?

We’ll run over central aspects of your syllabus, explaining and testing the right topics from the full curriculum.


We charge £15 per child, per session.

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