Partner with MTH

Education thrives on close relationships. Let’s work together…

Any school, campus or learning centre can join us in our work. Partnering with Maths Tutor Help provides the impetus needed for great, tailored maths support. All of our tutors are DBS-checked, degree-qualified learning providers, passionate about giving extra guidance where they can.

As well as offering superb value for money, our personal touch shines through in everything we do. We have esteemed communicative skills, perfect for inspiring and motivating young people, whatever their ability.

Seeking a venue

As our ambitions grows, so do our requirements. Maths Tutor Help is looking for more venue partners to take us to ever-wider locations across Greater Manchester, and the UK at large.

All we need is:

• A classroom, ideally that of a school
• Car parking facilities
• An interactive whiteboard

Get in touch

It doesn’t take much to launch a solid relationship with us. Contact Maths Tutor Help for more information

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