5 Expert Tips For Maths Revision

Whatever age you’re at, exams can seem like a sucker-punch threatening to knock your revision off the rails. In the weeks leading up to an important test, that anxiety can grow like a bad smell, replacing the clear air of calm you’re desperate for. Well, don’t despair quite yet, because we’re giving you our top 5 tips for revising as you prepare for that monstrous maths exam. If you’re stuck in a rut, these pointers will dig you out…

1. Jot down notes

Copying pages from your textbook might seem a bit odd – after all, the original is right there in front of you – but writing notes will make the information so much easier to grasp. Jot down key equations and explanations for tricky methods and ideas, including any visuals that the book uses to illustrate them.

2.Hammer out your weaknesses

Maths students can’t afford to specialise in one area of their subject. You’ll lose marks if you avoid certain equations like the plague. It’s useful to really think about what your weakest topics are, because once you practice them (over and over again, in bursts of 30 minutes or so) the formula in your brain will unlock, letting you apply the same strategy to any question that comes up.

3. Keep off the caffeine and energy drinks

A lot of pupils fall into the trap of constant stimulation for exam success. This rarely works out – you’ll never hear a maths prodigy boasting about the amount of coffee they’ve been drinking. Being well-rested is much better for you, so aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night, with any caffeine limited to one or two drinks during the day.

4. Private tuition

Revision is infinitely easier with a helping hand from an experienced math teacher. One-to-one tutoring gives you plenty of ‘me-time,’ to send your maths abilities into overdrive. Our tutors can visit your home, a public library nearby, or even plug directly into your room through a Skype chat screen, to give you dedicated support in the run up to your exam.

5. Get to know your calculator

The calculator exams are always harder, and for good reason – you have an extremely powerful tool in your hand. But you simply mustn’t waste any extra time fiddling around with settings and all of the functions it can perform.

Save some space in your revision schedule every day to understand the ins and outs of your calculator. Always be sure to write your thought process on the page, so it becomes second nature.

If you’re still looking for answers – in more ways than one – the best advice we can give you is to keep a level head. Viewing an upcoming test as nothing more than a hurdle to overcome will train your mind to be focused and present at each revision session.

Obviously, though, we never want maths tuition to be by-the-numbers, which is why we offer a range of maths courses to help you knuckle down. Take a look at what Maths Tutor Help has on the cards – it might just be the thing that tips you over into revision cool.

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